Goodbye Post-It Notes!

Goodbye sticky notes, memos and tribal knowledge.

Hello planning and quality done right.

Strengthening the Aerospace Parts Supply Chain

Specification Flowdown

Workflo provides flowdown of specification, material and purchase order requirements so every aspect is covered. It also provides the needed information to the shop floor.

Time Restrictions

Have the correct time warning included between processes in the routing with the warnings printed on the job card in the appropriate areas.



Plan orders using Workflo to create complete quotes that don’t miss requirements. You and your customers can have confidence your quotes are complete and accurate.

Powerful Planning

Stop the post it notes and tribal knowledge. Material, customer, part and prime specific rules can be created in Workflo. You will have all your information in one place, along with a consistent action, every time you plan the job.

Improved Quality

By providing the proper instructions up front, it is more likely that the work will be done properly the first time, and rework will not be required as often. Audit preparation time and audit anxiety will decrease.


NIST 171 Testing

Manage periodic testing requirements for primes, Nadcap or NIST. We have to be compliant too!

Specification & Material Library

Workflo comes with a complete specification library that covers all of the work you do for all of your customers.

Shop Floor Communication

Provide your shop floor with complete paperwork. Workflo creates shop floor travelers that are readable and contain clear, concise instructions with the proper signoffs. The ability to print instructions in various fonts and colors ensures that attention is drawn to important instructions.



We are not just software people. We know your business and where it hurts.

Precision & Control

Managing the flow of specialized services for the aerospace, Nadcap, and high technology parts supply chain.

Precise Control from Workflo™

Precision & Control

Managing the flow of specialized services for the aerospace, Nadcap, and high technology parts supply chain.

Featured Workflo™ Systems



Specially designed for chemical processing, Workflo controls the precise time, temperature, volts, amps, ramp rate and other variable data. It also ensures all of the operations for a routing are included and verified.



Special Processing shops, especially those serving aerospace customers, are subject to a vast number of audits and the oversight of Nadcap. This is because the customer wants (and needs) assurance that the work was done according to specifications.



WorkFlo will help you manage and comply with all of the requirements of your metal finishing business. Our software includes all of the NIST requirements in the project management module.

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